Airsoft Sniper

The entire airsoft industry is dominated by powerful and realistic arms and ammunitions. When talking about airsoft guns, it is imperative to mention airsoft sniper rifles that command the most respected place among all the airsoft products. Airsoft snipers are loved for their sleekness, beauty and strength.

What differentiates an airsoft sniper rifle from a sniper is power, because pellets need to travel a greater range than normal to hit the target. It is to be noted that even the most basic sniper rifle is equipped with a high level of accuracy. Manufacturers around the world are always trying to take these airsoft sniper rifles to another level of innovation and perfection. The advanced sniper rifles are the testimony to the rapid acceleration of technological transform in the current scenario. Firms with state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly skilled engineers and designers are researching and developing the most advanced and overwhelming products for the market place. The unbelievable feats of engineering that various manufacturers have achieved have placed airsoft snipers to the next level.


The most important aspect of design in the airsoft world is the realistic appeal of the product because it suffices the basic purpose of airsoft which is to simulate military and police action as narrowly as possible, taking care of safety. Such an urge for producing realistic products has led to the manufacturing of AGM VSR Sniper Rifle engineered out of real wood and metal, along with the much desired real-like looks.

Definitely, the enhancements which increase accuracy and range of these snipers are also of utmost interest to the buyers. Increasingly adjustable hop-up and electronic devices on the guns that allow the alteration of FPS without needing to use an allen wrench are just few of the enhancements to be mentioned. The gas-powered sniper rifles are more power-centric as compared to spring or electric. It is to be remembered that green gas will always get you the most powerful impact in any kind of gun, rifle or airsoft sniper. This kind of power combined with advanced innovations like the electronic screen helps you attain an edge over your opponents.


If you want to achieve perfection with your airsoft sniper, you must use it as much as possible. Also, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of you rifle’s dimensions, capabilities and limitations. The daily target practice plays a critical role. You must practice on long distance accuracy while strategically directing your rifle in silence. Being even tempered and decisive results in accurate shots and teaming up with a skilled sniper helps set the stage for admirable warfare re-enactments.

Moreover, the selection of your weapon plays a vital role. The following points help you decide on the same:

  • Decent Hop-up Feature

It helps the pellet travel greater distances.

  • A Good Firing Rate

The weapon must fire pellets at 400 fps (feet per second).

  • A Forgiving Budget

Higher power means greater cost.

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What is Airsoft

Know what is airsoft all about
Over time, people have invented, created or discovered many objects or activities that have gained popularity and turned into a sport or a hobby. While some fancy fishing or bird watching, some others fancy electrical gadgets or have a thing for all things mechanical. When one says mechanical it could be anything from a bike, a robot to even a gun.

65148-2What is airsoft?
Airsoft is a sport or hobby, played with non-lethal guns of much lower velocity. This sport started off in the early 1980s in Japan, where it was invented. In Japan it is illegal for anyone other than the military to own any type of firearm. This led to the invention of Airsoft guns to make up for the lack of real firearms for those who were passionate about or liked playing war games or shooting targets. Paintball is a popular alternative sport that has a similar gaming style.
Interesting information on what is airsoft guns are made of:
•The early Airsoft guns looked very realistic, replicas of wood and metal that could be easily confused with the real deal. This of course also meant they were more expensive and more out of reach to the common man who was interested in it. So soon a cheaper more affordable and yet realistic version was introduced to make it available for the masses to enjoy. This is when the sport started catching on as a rage among many who loved the excitement and thrill the game offered.
•They are mostly made of highly durable plastic or metals, depending on the version i.e. cheaper to high-end. These guns use ‘air soft’ pellets with either green gas that contains a combination of propane and silicone, or CO2, or even compressed air.
•The fully automatic guns run using RC car style rechargeable batteries.

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What is airsoft gun types available in the market?
The following are the common variants of airsoft guns:
•AEG airsoft guns-This is an electric variant of the airsoft gun, also referred to as ‘automatic electric gun’. It is also the most popular variant.
•Gas airsoft guns.
•Airsoft sniper rifles.
•Spring airsoft pistols.
•Spring rifles, shotguns.
The spring guns or springers as they are also popularly known, operate like an AEG but without the battery and motor that powers the automatic version i.e. AEG. So basically in spring guns, one needs to manually cock the gun each time a shot is to be fired. This variant is often the first one many air softers opt for as they are slightly cheaper and more durable as well.
Airsoft is a great sport and fun for people of all ages. But it helps to keep certain safety rules in mind to ensure player’s safety and avoid any untoward incident:
•Wear protective eye wear/airsoft goggles, masks, fog cloths etc. while playing/shooting.
•Avoid looking down the barrel.
•Keep the gun on safe mode while not shooting.
•Place the finger on the rigger only at the exact time that the shooter is aiming the target and ready to shoot
To any avid airsofter, what is airsoft? It’s a game, a passion, a way of life.

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The Best Airsoft Grenade Have Landed

Do you have any problems with your Airsoft grenade? Does it not give you a blast or excitement? Airsoft Atlanta now offers you high quality Airsoft grenades which can be used as much as you like despite being thrown over and over again for a very affordable price. You can choose from a wide variety of this. On top of the list is Airsoft Innovations (Tornado Grenade), Echo1, SHS, and Mad Bull.

Airsoft Innovations, or more known as Tornado Timer Grenade, will allow you to experience a bit of realism on any battlefields. This kind of grenade really blows up whenever desired. So better be careful when tossing it underhand or rolling it towards your opponents. This has been known in the market as the most effective, reusable and durable kind. It was designed specially to withstand innumerable throws.

2013-05-25_1404_001Unlike any other Airsoft grenade, Airsoft Innovations has a timer. The more traditional one is the 3-second default setting and the other one which gives an airburst is the 1.5 second. Refilling the device shouldn’t be a problem at all because there is cheap propane available in the market that you can always purchase to keep your grenade working.

Echo 1 is another kind of Airsoft grenade that is distributed with metal gear boxes and bodies made of ABS plastics and metals. This is an excellent Airsoft gun that is made with quality craftsmanship and accuracy. So don’t miss out experiencing them! Echo 1 guns have a variety of styles. It can be in the style of Airsoft shotguns, automatic electric gun rifles or machine guns. It’s completely up to you to pick which one suits your preference.

There is also an Airsoft grenade called SHS. An SHS 120-Round Grenade Shell is an example of gun parts and accessories. Its physical attributes include aluminum metal construction, round grenade shell and seals that never leak. Basically, it fits into any standard M203 grenade launcher and shoots a hundred and twenty BBs. To keep SHS functioning, it must be filled with standard green gas. Better yet, a propane adapter to recharge your shell.

2013-05-28_1134_001The last is Mad Bull. Just like all the other grenades, this one also has its parts and accessories like Mad Bull launchers (long and short) and Mad Bull grenade shells that come with different models. This is totally awesome due to its exceptionally realistic external body kits that have high quality. If you want to get the best products, look into a Mad Bull. To give you an overview of a Mad Bull accessory, let’s take the grenade shell called Mad Bull M922A1 that is 120-Round and 6mm for example. This shell doesn’t get stuck on a grenade no matter what. It is convenient to use and looks really cool both inside and out. Most importantly, it doesn’t break easily unlike other sorts of shells from other brands.

Airsoft Atlanta guarantees their customers best service and fastest methods of shipping. This is simply the best airsoft distributor in the USA. Check it out on their website airsoftatlanta for more information.

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Available in Airsoft Atlanta: MagpulPTS Airsoft Guns and Gear

Airsoft Atlanta has the most popular brands of guns and gears there are in the airsoft world. One of those is MagpulPTS – a brand that is known and trusted for its very clear-cut quality.

There is quite a wide selection of MagpulPTS Airsoft Gear available here in Airsoft Atlanta. And all of these items can be yours at very reasonable prices. We are an authorized provider for Magpul PTS products and your average Magpul gears and miscellaneous items as well. The products we have are high quality Magpul guns, accessories, and parts that you can have customized to fit your needs and preferences. These tactical gears that Magpul manufactures have superior quality. Try your hand at these MagpulPTS products and experience for yourself the authentic high standard airsoft guns, parts and gears they provide. From stocks, grip covers, Magpul Masada guns and PTS airsoft – we have them all here in Airsoft Atlanta!



Try your hand at customizing. You can certainly talk to the people of Airsoft Atlanta about the customization of the items you want to purchase. Magpul PTS accessories, parts and upgrades are very suitable for customizing airsoft rifles! Every single one of the Magpul Guns you can find here at Airsoft Atlanta are extremely functional and will no doubt improve your chances in the Airsoft battlefield and will definitely give you a better game experience. So check out the entire collection, and see for yourself which MagpulPTS items you want for yourself and then place your order right away!

Make sure that you are not to be left behind in battle. Gear up with the best Magpul PTS products. Place your orders now and we will ship your desired product to you quick and easy!


Do you want to order a Magpul PTS product now?

Getting your order is easy with Airsoft Atlanta. If you are in the area, our main walk-in store/showroom/warehouse is one of the largest in the United States and quite hard to miss. You can talk to our people who’ll be very glad to discuss who to be better at your game and help you in configuring your items!

You can, on the other hand, also place an order online, and we will get back to you as fast as we can! And by as fast as we can, we mean that we ship the orders we get on the very same day that the order is placed. That is, if the order is placed before 5PM Eastern Time. If you order after that given time, however, or on a weekend or a holiday, we will ship your order on the next available business day. You can stop worrying about losing your product along the way because our customers’ orders immediately get tracking numbers to avoid such troubles in the delivery.

Make sure that your next march onto the battleground is a more fun and memorable one with Magpul PTS gears! Contact Airsoft Atlanta now and get that most-wanted battlefield advantage right away!

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condor tactical

Phyllis holland
Use condor tactical to win the game of Airsoft

condor tactical .

condor tactical

What is Tactical gear?

Tactical gear can be termed as the product supplier to the military or individual. These products comprise of spec gear, medical kits, and gear bags, boot, chest rings, clothing and belts etc. The product supply is generally for law enforcement agencies and individuals for any operation or mission.

Condor Tactical gear-

Condor is a kind of Bird that can be called as new world vulture. It is hard to find and hunt them or to put in any kind of cage. Similarly, condor has made products that are safe and good for use.

Condor is a trusted brand when it comes to tactical gear. Condor has over 20 years of experience in tactical gear condor and it is one of the biggest sellers of tactical gear. Condor has established business relation with more than thousand retail stores and also through online stores in United States and Canada.

What are Condor products?

Condor provides huge collection of tactical gear for military and outdoor use. Condor offers variety of tactical gears like tactical vests, packs, slings etc.

Patches and Tags

You can get patches and tags online from Airsoft Atlanta and other websites. Choose from great collection of patches and tags from condor. You may get it at a very low cost. And quality is not a matter to worry. Condor is well known for its quality products.

Tactical Vests

Find high quality Airsoft tactical vests from Airsoft Atlanta. Airsoft tactical vest are must for gaming. Buy the right tool and gear and make your game better.

Packs for Airsoft gaming

condor tactical

condor tactical

Buy your Airsoft pack from Airsoft Atlanta. Choose from great collection of Airsoft packs. Packs from condor are available at a very reasonable price. Get quality products from Airsoft Atlanta.

Knee pads for safety

Leave your worries aside get knee pads from Airsoft Atlanta. If you use knee pads there will be no chance of getting injured during the game play. Choose from wide range of knee pads. You can go for tactical knee pads or super flex according to your need.

Slings for gaming

Nice collection of slings is out there at Airsoft Atlanta. Choose from many brands including Condor Tactical gear. The quality of these slings will leave an everlasting impression on you. Slings are of great quality and long-lasting. These will also help you to improve your game.

Pouches for products

Amazing quality of pouches is on Airsoft Atlanta. For storing your Airsoft products use pouches of condor and other brands. Use pouches for flashlights and ammunition. Airsoft Atlanta provides you long lasting products.

Ghillie suits for enjoyment

Well made Ghillie suits are there on Airsoft Atlanta. Choose condor Ghillie suit in desert tan or in woodland. Great quality of Ghillie suits are out there at best price.

Miscellaneous tactical gear

Improve your Airsoft gaming experience with miscellaneous tactical gear. These tactical gears include shell holders, cords, badge kits and many more. Airsoft accessories will make your game more smooth and enjoyable. Airsoft Atlanta is a trusted company for all your needs.

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