Choosing an Magpulpts Airsoft Gun

You’ve heard a lot about airsoft guns and you’ve finally decided to buy one for yourself. As you’ve already completed a short course to familiarize yourself with airsoft guns, you want to know where and how to buy the best gun for yourself. Your instructor has recommended Magpul pts airsoft guns but you are not really sure. Are Magpulpts really the best?


Let’s find out about the company

Magpulpts is the signature range of the PTS Company. With seven years of experience under its belt, the company prides itself on high quality guns that can also be custom made for each individual. Now Magpul pts is the go-to company for high quality guns and customers line up to buy their own models. Over the last two years, the company has also diversified into training videos for interested customers. Although the company produces high-quality guns, it retails most of its items through small retailers and professional outdoor gear websites.

Product range

The choice is endless. Magpulpts produces more than 20 different varieties in several types. The inventory changes every year and the 2013 catalog lists several models in different price ranges. The most popular models include the M4 / M16, the MP 5, etc. Your airsoft gun instructor will recommend the right model for you. Choosing the right model by yourself is a little tough and, we recommend you read a few online Magpul pts reviews before you buy.

Price range

Choose a budget range and stick to it. Ideally, your budget will be determined by the type of play you will be doing. For example, novice or beginner models range up to $100. Entry-level guns may also go up to $160. For upgraded metal or combination metal guns, you may have to shell out $160 to about $200 and classic but expert level models may cost as much as $300 and more.

Types of airsoft gunsSONY DSC

There are several types of airsoft guns. For example, you can choose from spring powered, automatic electric guns, hybrid guns, electric pistols, training weapons and gas-powered guns. If you have a particular model in mind, browse through the company website or catalog and read the specifications before purchase.

The Bottom Line: Quality vs. Cheap Clones

Of course, there are thousands of cheap clones out in the market but the Magpul pts trumps all that through sheer quality and style. The company uses the best raw materials to make economical airsoft guns and accessories. The guns are available online and at retails stores and in a range of colors, models and styles. Each gun is protected with a substantial warranty and spare parts are easy to find. However, engineering quality of the guns is so good that very few repairs are necessary. The Magpulpts are great to own and they are value for money. You can look at the models online before you make a decision. Guns are dangerous and airsoft guns are just as dangerous as other varieties. Be responsible and buy your guns from a registered online retailer to prevent injuries.

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