What is Airsoft

Know what is airsoft all about
Over time, people have invented, created or discovered many objects or activities that have gained popularity and turned into a sport or a hobby. While some fancy fishing or bird watching, some others fancy electrical gadgets or have a thing for all things mechanical. When one says mechanical it could be anything from a bike, a robot to even a gun.

65148-2What is airsoft?
Airsoft is a sport or hobby, played with non-lethal guns of much lower velocity. This sport started off in the early 1980s in Japan, where it was invented. In Japan it is illegal for anyone other than the military to own any type of firearm. This led to the invention of Airsoft guns to make up for the lack of real firearms for those who were passionate about or liked playing war games or shooting targets. Paintball is a popular alternative sport that has a similar gaming style.
Interesting information on what is airsoft guns are made of:
•The early Airsoft guns looked very realistic, replicas of wood and metal that could be easily confused with the real deal. This of course also meant they were more expensive and more out of reach to the common man who was interested in it. So soon a cheaper more affordable and yet realistic version was introduced to make it available for the masses to enjoy. This is when the sport started catching on as a rage among many who loved the excitement and thrill the game offered.
•They are mostly made of highly durable plastic or metals, depending on the version i.e. cheaper to high-end. These guns use ‘air soft’ pellets with either green gas that contains a combination of propane and silicone, or CO2, or even compressed air.
•The fully automatic guns run using RC car style rechargeable batteries.

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What is airsoft gun types available in the market?
The following are the common variants of airsoft guns:
•AEG airsoft guns-This is an electric variant of the airsoft gun, also referred to as ‘automatic electric gun’. It is also the most popular variant.
•Gas airsoft guns.
•Airsoft sniper rifles.
•Spring airsoft pistols.
•Spring rifles, shotguns.
The spring guns or springers as they are also popularly known, operate like an AEG but without the battery and motor that powers the automatic version i.e. AEG. So basically in spring guns, one needs to manually cock the gun each time a shot is to be fired. This variant is often the first one many air softers opt for as they are slightly cheaper and more durable as well.
Airsoft is a great sport and fun for people of all ages. But it helps to keep certain safety rules in mind to ensure player’s safety and avoid any untoward incident:
•Wear protective eye wear/airsoft goggles, masks, fog cloths etc. while playing/shooting.
•Avoid looking down the barrel.
•Keep the gun on safe mode while not shooting.
•Place the finger on the rigger only at the exact time that the shooter is aiming the target and ready to shoot
To any avid airsofter, what is airsoft? It’s a game, a passion, a way of life.

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