The Best Airsoft Grenade Have Landed

Do you have any problems with your Airsoft grenade? Does it not give you a blast or excitement? Airsoft Atlanta now offers you high quality Airsoft grenades which can be used as much as you like despite being thrown over and over again for a very affordable price. You can choose from a wide variety of this. On top of the list is Airsoft Innovations (Tornado Grenade), Echo1, SHS, and Mad Bull.

Airsoft Innovations, or more known as Tornado Timer Grenade, will allow you to experience a bit of realism on any battlefields. This kind of grenade really blows up whenever desired. So better be careful when tossing it underhand or rolling it towards your opponents. This has been known in the market as the most effective, reusable and durable kind. It was designed specially to withstand innumerable throws.

2013-05-25_1404_001Unlike any other Airsoft grenade, Airsoft Innovations has a timer. The more traditional one is the 3-second default setting and the other one which gives an airburst is the 1.5 second. Refilling the device shouldn’t be a problem at all because there is cheap propane available in the market that you can always purchase to keep your grenade working.

Echo 1 is another kind of Airsoft grenade that is distributed with metal gear boxes and bodies made of ABS plastics and metals. This is an excellent Airsoft gun that is made with quality craftsmanship and accuracy. So don’t miss out experiencing them! Echo 1 guns have a variety of styles. It can be in the style of Airsoft shotguns, automatic electric gun rifles or machine guns. It’s completely up to you to pick which one suits your preference.

There is also an Airsoft grenade called SHS. An SHS 120-Round Grenade Shell is an example of gun parts and accessories. Its physical attributes include aluminum metal construction, round grenade shell and seals that never leak. Basically, it fits into any standard M203 grenade launcher and shoots a hundred and twenty BBs. To keep SHS functioning, it must be filled with standard green gas. Better yet, a propane adapter to recharge your shell.

2013-05-28_1134_001The last is Mad Bull. Just like all the other grenades, this one also has its parts and accessories like Mad Bull launchers (long and short) and Mad Bull grenade shells that come with different models. This is totally awesome due to its exceptionally realistic external body kits that have high quality. If you want to get the best products, look into a Mad Bull. To give you an overview of a Mad Bull accessory, let’s take the grenade shell called Mad Bull M922A1 that is 120-Round and 6mm for example. This shell doesn’t get stuck on a grenade no matter what. It is convenient to use and looks really cool both inside and out. Most importantly, it doesn’t break easily unlike other sorts of shells from other brands.

Airsoft Atlanta guarantees their customers best service and fastest methods of shipping. This is simply the best airsoft distributor in the USA. Check it out on their website airsoftatlanta for more information.

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Airsoft Atlanta has the most popular brands of guns and gears there are in the airsoft world. One of those is MagpulPTS – a brand that is known and trusted for its very clear-cut quality.

There is quite a wide selection of MagpulPTS Airsoft Gear available here in Airsoft Atlanta. And all of these items can be yours at very reasonable prices. We are an authorized provider for Magpul PTS products and your average Magpul gears and miscellaneous items as well. The products we have are high quality Magpul guns, accessories, and parts that you can have customized to fit your needs and preferences. These tactical gears that Magpul manufactures have superior quality. Try your hand at these MagpulPTS products and experience for yourself the authentic high standard airsoft guns, parts and gears they provide. From stocks, grip covers, Magpul Masada guns and PTS airsoft – we have them all here in Airsoft Atlanta!



Try your hand at customizing. You can certainly talk to the people of Airsoft Atlanta about the customization of the items you want to purchase. Magpul PTS accessories, parts and upgrades are very suitable for customizing airsoft rifles! Every single one of the Magpul Guns you can find here at Airsoft Atlanta are extremely functional and will no doubt improve your chances in the Airsoft battlefield and will definitely give you a better game experience. So check out the entire collection, and see for yourself which MagpulPTS items you want for yourself and then place your order right away!

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